Art outside the Box project

Art outside the box project 

We are busy working with Edinburgh Tool Library this month to create a new public art space on the outside walls of Leith walk police box from August 2018 onwards.  There will be a changing gallery of works from ETL, Leith Academy and Stafford Centre mental heath services centre. 

We are also going to hold an open competition in 2019 for people in Leith to create one of the works. 

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram if you want to find out more about how to take part or please share with people you think might be interested.  Or send us an email at hello@leithwalkpolicebox for more details.

This project is supported by ETL, Firstport, Leith Chooses 2018, Printsponge and Thornbridge Timber.

Current works are Leith side – Urban Constellation by Vivienne Kelly, Young artist in residence at Edinburgh Tool Library.

Edinburgh side – Policebox No. 1 by Page Hardie , Young artist in residence at Edinburgh Tool Library.